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  1. Great pun Jack: Yes, GSAP did EASE my TRANSITION... Thanks for looking at that issue for me. I feel very confident now that I'll be able to get it working again. I appreciate the suggestions. And yes, you mentioned one of the major reasons I like this community: "such good people who are eager to help and never make someone feel stupid". There just seems to be NO dumb questions here. People seem to understand that we are all different, have different skill sets and levels of expertise and comprehension. I've always felt that if one can't respond without demeaning or criticizing, then one shouldn't respond. It's what made me confident in using this forum. During my searches I found no negative or derogatory comments. Just people trying to help others in need. — George
  2. OK, Jack, everything is working great. I'm quite happy with the performance. But, there is one minor thing I'd like for someone to look at. Now, this is NOT a show stopper by any means. It's just a small nagging issue That I'm having trouble resolving. I have this pen: http://codepen.io/CodeMaster7/pen/amYPJQ based on this pen: *original pen from Michael Dobekidis: http://codepen.io/netgfx/pen/DpbIy It is for exploding text. I use SplitText where Michael is splitting it himself. My version used to work before the SplitText change. Now, it has a little issue at the end of the animation where everything falls apart. I feel pretty confident that I simply need to figure out how to do this using the new SplitText. The issue occurs when the timeline reverses. It doesn't come back together right. I can stop using this particular animation until I have time to figure it out. So there is no rush on this. Anyone can take a look at it whenever. Everybody, thanks so much for the hard work and dedication. I recently moved from Flash animation to CSS and one day I thought, "Darn, I wish I had GreenSock for this". I was unaware that GSAP existed. But I checked your site and it just brought tears to my eyes I was so overjoyed. And the reason for that joy is this very same type of support and dedication that you guys provide. You're a wonderful group of guys (that includes women) at GreenSock and the community of users is outstanding. I can't thank you enough. OK, enough of that. Going back to work. — George
  3. Wow, thanks Carl. That's wonderful. I just love you guys LOL. So essentially the new version SplitText is working with ALL of my text animation routines. I just have one more to test and I'm pretty confident all will work out well . — George
  4. Well, I may have finally broken it. I'm not 100% sure of that since I am a novice here. But please take a look at this pen: https://codepen.io/CodeMaster7/pen/GjxqzK The color markup is not showing on the text. The color is showing fine in all of my other tests but there is something odd going on in this pen that I can't put a finger on.
  5. Ok guys, I have kicked, hammered, tossed and stirred this experimental version of SplitText and I can't get it to budge. It is as sturdy as it can be. It just won't break. I really need to get it into some type of beta download so that I can test it in a real-world environment. But honestly, from what I've seen so far I just don't see it breaking even in beta testing. You did a wonderful job Jack and I'm ready to use this. This is going to immediately resolve some of my biggest work-around issues. Can I get a beta download on this? — George
  6. Jack thanks so much for this amazing effort. So far it is unbreakable. It's quite robust and sturdy. I'm going to keep trying to break it though. But it really looks good. Great job in such a short time . Between this solution and Blake's I think we should mark this as solved. Would you agree? — George
  7. Thanks Jack. Standing by. OSUblake, I had not seen that post. And to think I thought I had searched thoroughly. I appreciate your pointing this out to me. I'll see if I can find a solution there. Seems to me it should work at least until SplitText handles it natively. — George
  8. Hi! I'm sorry, but I've actually already searched the forums looking for an answer and I did find the post you've mentioned. Unfortunately, that post doesn't cover these characters. You can actually take these characters and paste them into that accompanying codepen and the solution fails to work on these chars. Try it! But thanks for your reply.
  9. I'm having to split and animate text that contains special characters and markup that the SplitText utility doesn't seem to handle. I've included a sample of the markup I'm dealing with and it contains an example of the types of characters that SplitText doesn't recognize (flames and apple chars, plus color markup). Since I'm pretty new to all of this I'm hoping there is an easy fix to my dilemma that I just haven't learned yet. I don't know if these are UTF-8 characters or what. I hope the characters will continue to show after I've posted them here. They are displayed properly by the browsers just not after I've split them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. — George <div id="quote">This Friday