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  1. Vic_

    Blur filters

    (I have nothing to add here other than I have read all code linked here, took an hour and I learned a lot. thank you all in this thread for education and sharing and showing of your works)
  2. I'll plan on re-doing it, it just takes time so I rush. I just recently got the <pre> to work on another post.
  3. Also, can you trigger an event after SPA gets added.
  4. I see, thx Blake. I assumed you wanted to start w/ cleaner classes where .ts would help. I believe that HTML standard still have to come up for the standards on modules. For now my fave is Webpack - but the usable thing today is HTML5 Web Components or AMP (in-lined .css). I don't think GSAP by self is a module - an interactive 'stars' rating system would be a module (that has GSAP). Webpack by self is not rewarding due to effort level. So I think best to wait for HTML standards to define a module. Anyway - this is outside of my depth, good luck and thx as always. Vic
  5. A banner 'tutorial': - http://masons-foundation.org/en/ads/blog It's interactive on the phone based on angle.
  6. Hi, Not GSAP, but one way to make more complex UI is to use and make standard HTML5 Web Components. http://masons-foundation.org/en/s_home/webComp/comp1 Even for hosting or using a banner ad - will make higher productivity and easier maintenance - one way to be modular. Cheers, Vic
  7. Again, if you do typescript, it's just a flag to emit what ever you want.
  8. Vic_

    Page/site structure

    Sounds like a good background. I'm happy to collaborate on this. ex: paving the road for SPA and 'advanced' sites. I just need a bit more time to get material ready. Also I plan to teach a 2 day class as a way to 'test' out the material.
  9. Vic_

    Page/site structure

    Hi 335. It's just called Ajax - but your are loading a fragment-page. Like this: $VCM.replace = function (el, pg) { console.log('replace') $(document).trigger('stateUnloading',el) $.ajax({ url: pg+ '.html' , dataType : 'html' , crossDomain: true , error: function (xhr, status, err) { $(document).trigger('stateNotFound', pg) //$VCM.event.dispatch('stateNotFound', pg) } , success: function(res) { setTimeout(function() { el.innerHTML = res var sec = document.createElement('section') sec.innerHTML = res var x= sec.getElementsByTagName('script') for (var i = 0; i < x.length; i++) { eval(x.text); } $VCM._onStateFinished(el) $('#main').css("height", 'auto') $(document).trigger('stateDone',pg) }, 500) }// suc }) }//() See the jquery ajax call replaces an element w/ newly loaded element. (Ignore the name ajax -it's just an http request). But if you can wait some time, I'm happy to show you via screen share a few demos. I recommend you learn jquery, SASS, Pug, Banner ads: http://masons-foundation.org/en/ads/blog I do think SPA is the future and I plan to write a book on it, it would be great to get a 'reviewer'. Vic
  10. Vic_

    Page/site structure

    I also am inspired by sites like that and other award winning sites. One way to do that is via SPA - single page architecture, where you 'ajax' load a 'fragment' on navigation. My site - masons-foundation.org you can navigate, but if you notice the index/menu is not loaded, only the 'middle' is replaced (via Ajax). I plan to teach such ways so that road is paved: SPA. But I'm not ready yet, but if you someone ping me I can give you my suggestions. Also I'm using SASS and Pug (and GSAP) and DropBox and such to try to mek it easier. .hth, .V
  11. Dipscom gave you a more thoughtful answer, including click code. For 'override' click first you have to have an idea of 'bubbling' of layers (z-index). If I have a button on a panel, when I click, computer sees that you clicked on both - the button and panel - so both click commands 'trigger'. It's called event bubbling. http://javascript.info/tutorial/bubbling-and-capturing Now that you know how it works, you can prevent it. hth, .V
  12. "I'm currently freelancing at an agency that does not have their own preview servers and completely rely on ad platforms, which I find to be a really slow process as you have to do it per ZIP file rather than a batch process or a pipelined task." Regarding that - one tip is that Dropbox by self is a great host (and share) or https://www.kissr.com. hth
  13. 3 Above? On Top? z-index? (w/ prevent default maybe on bubble of events) 2 Do you have a 'console.log' working when you click on closeBtn? 1. Do have a console.log working when you click on infoBtn? I do not see any click or touch or mouse triggers.
  14. ftw: one suggestion is TypeScript. It's used by Angular, Away3d and much like ActionScript - I feel at home. And first step is easy and works: ren *.js *.ts. Because it is supper set, all .js works and then you can start using classes & features you guys are talking about and you can tell it to target es6 or 5. And it looks nice.
  15. 'Obfuscators are great for reducing your file size, but not so much for protecting your code' I disagree. ' I think it's better to focus more on the things you can control, like improving your product/service' That sounds not right, it seems better to just copy and remove attribution. What I want is better paid original development. Like actionscript, it can be decompiled, but I want to make it hard. Java/Android, C, all of this can be decompiled - but it's PITA. I plan to investigate way to get HTML/js to that level. Anyway, we have 2 different goals on this point, I think obfuscation should be an option, plagiarism is bad, removing attribution is bad, software is not free. V