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  1. True, but first time loads are also important
  2. Sadly, but I want to use TimelineLite, because min library size is critical in this project
  3. Hi, I want to play a Portion of my timeline - by seconds, progress or frames (whatever). For example: 1) Timeline is 10 secs 2) I want to play from 5 sec to 7 sec. 3) Add pause I think will not serve very well, as those portions change dynamically :/ Can't figure out from documentation, how to do this.
  4. Carl. Mkay. You last example seems to do THE thing. I will try to integrate in my project tomorrow. Anyway, I think, that modified behavior when using pauses will attract more confused GSAP users
  5. Tried it without onComplete callback (but with a func. in timeline), same -> http://codepen.io/anon/pen/gwvbgm?editors=1011
  6. 1) Carl thanks for the remarks. Sure I can prepare my samples better and I understand you very well. Next time i'll do it! 2) I have seen this overwrite setting, yet I couldn't figure out from the documentation what it actually does. Like what doe's it mean to Overwrite a tween? Sure you know, but I can sit for hours - google and experiment with that to understand the point. Anyway it doe's not seem serve well in my case, as it kills of further tweens -> http://codepen.io/anon/pen/KgQwPQ?editors=1011
  7. 1) I actually do not animate anything using left or top. It's set in very end of red box animation. And it's intended that way. 2) Can I some-have change the order? First x (taking in account old left position), and then add left. 3) And more importantly - why is this working in the way I want, if I do not add pause?
  8. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/WGdWqL If I remove addPause line, the animations end as they should. With it, for some reason red (stalled) block goes nuts Could be that this is a bug? If I want to use addPause and modify red block in end of it's tween, how can I get around this?
  9. trsh

    problems with addPause

    OK, OK!
  10. trsh

    problems with addPause

    Thanks. For now I will go with your first example. I'm also not sure, if addPause should be added multiple times in same spot, but in the same time that's for what word "add" stands for. Should be renamed to setPause (or something like that) otherwise.
  11. I have code that looks something like this http://codepen.io/anon/pen/XjgVWN . The problem is, that addPause overwrites previous added addPause (with same time), and the callback is gone. Any tips how to make this work? How can I get both callbacks in same time? P.S. I cant create a Master function, with sub-functions in my case :/, my real project code is very dynamic.
  12. And I think I know what to do, and the limitations. Thanks guys for input very much. GSAP team rocks's )
  13. It's an commercial TV. Kind of you can program it to run same app or web page on start, has additional JS calls to control the TV options, etc,. Not standard with TV channels and smart features. The refresh rate is fine. The problem is with its GPU bandwidth. Anytime (or, at time) a a new layer is pushed to VRAM, rendered can't handle stable performing.
  14. Carl. And doesn't work for ex. like this http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ORpLKB. Having layer, inside transformed layer is even a larger performance hit. So I will have to do this smart, and layerize in right time and place (better when nothing moves).
  15. Carl. Yes. That's was kind of my point. What is the drawback of your strategy, that you kind of can't know when all stuff is layerized. Especially when it's a lot.