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  1. Hello, I've accidentally* found out that ThrowPropsPlugin plugin has such properties (or events) as onThrowUpdate and onThrowComplete. But they're not documented anywhere. Is there something like a full API reference for all methods and properties for all the modules? Especially required for the ThrowPropsPlugin. Thanks! * I was looking through code examples of some people on Codepen and noticed them using these properties.
  2. Wow! insertAdjacentHTML solves the problem and does exactly what I meant when thought about += with innerHTML.
  3. Thank you, guys! Now that's clear. I though that += operator doesn't change the content and works like appendChild(). But of course that's not true. The string variable is changed. Thanks again!
  4. Jonathan, Sorry for the misleading. These ids is my rough mistake. But the problem is actually remains. I've changed id to class and the problem described above is still there: http://codepen.io/nordskill/pen/MpyeYP P.S. I even changed wrapper id to class. Just in case.
  5. Hello! I've found a strange behavior of TweenMax while using it together with innerHTML. Ceck the codepen below for live example. The problem is that I want to move an existing element inside some wrapper. And at the same time I want insert new elements via innerHTML into the same wrapper. This code won't work: function move() { TweenMax.to('#animate_me', .5, { x: 100 }); } move(); wrapper.innerHTML += '<div id="new_guy">New Guy</div>'; But this one will work: function move() { TweenMax.to('#animate_me', .5, { x: 100 }); } wrapper.innerHTML += '<div id="new_guy">New Guy</div>'; move(); Pay attention on lines 5 and 6. Does anybody know what causes this problem? Personally I don't understand why the existing element can't be animated inside the wrapper where you use innerHTML. None of the objects inside wrapper can be animated if innerHTML works there. But why?
  6. Oh, very nice! Starting the constructor in couple of weeks is totally fine. Please, send me your email in personal messages and I'll send you the project description.
  7. Hello, guys. I know I could post this on some job boards, but just wanted to give it a try here. I noticed that on this forum people discuss three.js sometimes. And there is a project I need help with. Commercial project — no free work There will be website with swimming pool constructor on it. Initially we planned to make it flat. But I'd like to go further and make it as dynamic 3D model directly in browser. So I'm looking for a specialist who has experience with three.js and GSAP to help me with this part of the project. I already have scope of work composed for coder. I will send it to those who are interested. You just need to let me know whether you're interested either in this topic or in personal messages. And here is a small teaser of the project
  8. Sorry for the confusion. My last post was the result of my own mistake. But I fixed it already now it works. But I'll explain what I was doing. I want to load TweenMax asynchronously, so that other JS functions don't have to wait until the GSAP will be loaded. I have construction like this: <script async src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.19.0/TweenMax.min.js"></script> <script async src="app.js"></script> Inside app.js I will have a lot of different functions. Not only TweenMax animations. This file looks like this now and it works: var loadtimer; function TweenMaxLoaded() { clearInterval(loadtimer); if (window.TweenMax) { startAnimations(); } else { loadtimer = setInterval(TweenMaxLoaded, 100); } } // a lot of other stuff including TweenMax The error described in the previous post was caused by the animation functions which use TweenMax. I was declaring and executing those functions without waiting for TweenMaxLoaded function. But the TweenMaxLoaded function itself was working properly. Thanks again! Now even with slow 3G network I can start executing simple functions without waiting for animation scripts
  9. yes! this works. Thank you! And sorry for these primitive questions — I'm newbie in JS. And one more question: if I place this function inside of JS file like this, it doesn't work again: <script src="app.js"></script> It only works from when placed directly in HTML <script> tag. What's the reason for that?
  10. Hmm... if TweenMax is not loaded then this construction returns an error which look like this: Here is what I'm doing: function TweenMaxLoaded() { if (TweenMax) { //generates JS error which doesn't allow to execute any other scripts on the page console.log ("yes"); return true; } else { console.log ("no"); // doesn't show because return false; } }
  11. Hi! I would like to call animation functions only after the external GSAP file is loaded. I could place the animation functions after the link to GSAP file like this: <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.19.0/TweenMax.min.js"></script> <script> //my animations </script> ...but I want to load TweenMax.min.js asynchronously and that's the problem: <script async src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.19.0/TweenMax.min.js"></script> I've googled it and found some kind of solution. The idea is to have a global variable created by the the external script and check whether it exists or not. If it exists, then the external JS is loaded. I found the solution here. So my question is: does TweenMax.min.js create any global variables or objects or whatever I can check the existence of? Thanks in advance!
  12. Yeah, I used to read HTML5 manuals recently. And started discovering many interesting things
  13. Thanks for the detailed answer, Jonathan!
  14. Hi! Is it possible to animate <details> tag somehow using GSAP?