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  1. I thought that by using the jquery.gsap.js plug-in, the GSAP API takes over control of the jquery.animate() method
  2. Ok so I tidied up my js code, and I've found the source of my issues. I had to change this: $(this).animate({width:300, height:300}, {duration:300, easing:"easeOutStrong", complete:tweentoshieldclip});}); to this: $(this).animate({width:300, height:300}, {duration:300}); tweentoshieldclip(); Obviously easing and probably complete where creating problems to the animations
  3. I tried to post a codepen but there are too many issues with it because my code needs many external files. EDIT I added the codepen.
  4. Hello everyone, I've created a tweenmax that alters a clip-path from an external svg file. While it does seem to work, there is a problem with the rendering as you'll see in the attached pic. Once I hover over the div with the cursor then it changes immediately to the correct clip-path. What could be the issue here? EDIT I attached the screenshot