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  1. Appreciate every bit my friend and the comments were helpful to take a new perspective towards the problem. I have to admit it's also not the best issue to expose in a forum since it's somehow linked with an increase in complexity which makes it more difficult to reproduce and isolate the problem. Therefore a special thanks for your courage in onmarching blindly.
  2. But does this explain why only certain timelines freeze while others still are running and being rendered smoothly? That's why I asked this on the GSAP board - I was hoping that these (maybe) timeline related hick ups, call stack size exceedance or whatever it really is can be narrowed down by monitoring internal GSAP parameters that can be helpful in developing a debug strategy. Again sorry the blind diagnosing, it's the same situation for me since the problems only occur on certain device generations and only in iBooks (not in mobile Safari). There is no real time debug information such as a js console or any profiling tools for that, at least none that I'm aware of. What is unusual with the pattern.. the heap size? It kicks in at a state where all start animations are finished (around 30000ms) and the scene remains with some endless loops like clouds flying by and some hint icons occasionally popping up.
  3. Thank you Dipscom, you were right about the leaking. I fixed it with the help of heap snapshot comparison, unfortunately the freezes are still there. Here's how the curve looks now: http://bit.ly/2hy3WJd Maybe an idea why throttling the fps to 30 fixes the issue?
  4. Hello Jonathan, as already written in my problem description, I'm using WebGL rendering and not DOM / CSS (except the rudimentary html scaffold). And yes, it only occurs on iOS mobile devices. I'd love to share code with you but I can't narrow down the problem to a slim POC since it only happens in complex scenes and only on the device. And even then it's not reliably reproducible..
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. Regarding 2. and 3. - I had these concerns too, but shouldn't these have a remarkable impact when profiling the page in Google Developer Tools or Safari Web Inspector? I had a closer look at the JS Heap and GPU memory over time and there is no real cumulative growth. (Have a look at the screenshot below) http://bit.ly/2gM9Ab1
  6. Hi all, first of all congrats on the great animation engine. I am using GreenSock, mainly TimelineMax and TweenMax for timing and tweening positions, rotations etc. of my WebGL / ThreeJS scene objects. The resulting format is always an interactive (Apple) iBook for children - basically a compressed website that runs with a WebKit standard similar to the one used in Safari Mobile. Performance was never a real issue until a colleague recently discovered that certain animations freeze or behave different (jumpy, stuttery) after running for several minutes (about 10-15 minutes dependent on the device) while others still run smoothly. It occurs only on the mobile device and only on generations < iPhone 6. What helps is to throttle the TweenMax ticker fps down to 30, but of course this doesn't look as smooth. I also tried playing with the lagSmoothing - with no success. Do you have an idea where these freezes come from? Since they occur only after a certain amount of time.. could it be that the JS execution stack suddenly becomes too big because the device isn't really capable of doing 60fps? Turning RAF on and of also didn't change much. Thanks for any hints or input.