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  1. That's perfect! I started from this Codepen, which is where the two tweens came from. For my demo, I eliminated the decreasing progress of the second tween that's in the referenced pen, but I have made use of it in other work. As is probably obvious, I'm not really a programmer so my code may contain unnecessary pieces that I pick up along the way (or just nonsense values). Sigh. Anyway, thank you!
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I figured it was a browser issue, but since I came across that related topic on this forum, I thought I'd check in here. Anyway, for anyone else that's interested, I used the update function to update the z-index to match the z position. While it won't recreate Safari's rendering, it at least fixes the stacking issue. Here's an updated Codepen: I have no idea if this is efficient or not, so if anyone has a better idea please share!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to animate a series of objects so that they pass behind and then in front of another object. It works as expected in Safari, but not in either Chrome or Firefox (all on OS X). They seem to obey the DOM order instead. It's basically the same problem described here. I've tried everything suggested in the comments there, but it's still only working in Safari. In the Codepen, I've also included a static object to illustrate that the stacking isn't working as desired. Does anyone have any ideas what's wrong? Thanks, Scott
  4. Thanks Jack! The new preview resolves the problem. Interestingly, last night I discovered that the project that prompted my post actually had a different problem: I had some old code from when I was working with jQuery UI Draggable that stopped propagation. I removed that and the links worked in iOS. I'm not really sure why my more complex setup started working while the above Codepen didn't, but I'm glad you were able to come up with a solution for it. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I'm running into inconsistent behavior with Draggable. I have images wrapped in links that I want to be able to drag AND click on. In other words, clicking and releasing without movement should open the link, clicking and moving should drag the element. I set dragClickables to true, which creates the desired behavior in all the major desktop browsers that I tried—Chrome, Safari and Firefox on OS X 10.9.5, and IE10 on Windows 7. However, dragClickables:true breaks the links on iOS 8 and 9. I can drag, but I cannot click to open the link. I looked in the console and I don't see any errors. See the codepen for an example. Any ideas on how to resolve this would be appreciated. Thanks, Scott