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  1. I tried offsetting the startTime() but its a lot of work and in my case not possible because there are some delays that I have to keep after all, the best way would be to use another timeline , I'm using timeScale(3) on reverse for now I'll make another timeline later, my animations.js is beginning to look like a huge jungle on fire Sorry I didn't have time to prepare a codepen and thank you for taking the time to read all this. greensock rocks
  2. This is a good approach but I prefer rotationX and Y with no prespective and transform-origin of bottom, left, top and right (for each by order) instead of width and height. GSAP uses matrix by default so as far as I've learned animating by transform gives us smoother animations, force3D: false may also help, of course Carls way also works perfectly
  3. Hi, I created a timeline with lots of tweens, these tweens have delays on them and what I need is to skip all the delays when I reverse this timeline, long story short on reverse all the tweens must start immediately. Thanks in advance