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  1. Would anyone happen to have an idea on how to fix the problem or what might be causing it? Edit Would it be worth implementing an example such as http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18445590/jquery-animate-stop-scrolling-when-user-scrolls-manually/18445654#18445654 to replace the function or is the function fixable? Not to be negligible is would it be my current code causing the problem?
  2. I am testing it on two devices, each running the latest version of the browsers installed. On each device, I have 3 different browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For both devices. Internet Explorer works perfectly, as soon as the mouse wheel/mouse pad scrolls it alerts straight away. However on both Chrome and Firefox, you have to scroll a lot and quickly before it fires the alert. It does seem slightly more responsive on Firefox than it is on Chrome. I am sorry about this. I just can't seem to get it to work properly.
  3. Unfortunately I seem to be at a loss as well. Would be able to explain how to fire the autokill with the mouse wheel/mouse pad as just scrolling does not seem to. If you look at the linked codepen when you click on the nav to start the scrolling process and then you scroll your mouse wheel/ scroll on your mouse pad, nothing seems to happen Edit I found that if you are to scroll quite a lot really quickly it does fire the Auto Kill. Is there a way to configure how much you need to scroll before it fires the Auto Kill function?
  4. I do apologise. I didn't realise I missed onAutoKill:autoKillFired on the first tween. That fixes what I mistakenly thought was a bug. Secondly this.hash is the hash of the element which fires the scroll event. If you look at the line of the html <a href="#"><nav id="topnav"><span>t</span></nav></a> The href="#". This means if I used the script $(function () { $('a[href*="#"]').click(function () { TweenLite.to(window, 1.5, {scrollTo:{y:$(this.hash).position().top, onAutoKill:autoKillFired}, ease: Power2.easeInOut}); return false; }); }); It jumps when navigating instead of scrolling smoothly. Therefore to prevent this happening I set up a quick if else statement and when href="#" it will smoothly scroll to y:0 instead of jumping to y:0. Back to the original question. Do you know if there is a way to fire the autoKill if the mouse wheel/mouse pad is scrolling?
  5. Below is the function which I use to automatically scroll on my practice site when a link is clicked. $(function () { $('a[href*="#"]').click(function () { if(this.hash != "") { TweenLite.to(window, 1.5, {scrollTo:{y:$(this.hash).position().top, autoKill:true}, ease: Power2.easeInOut}); } else { TweenLite.to(window, 1.5, {scrollTo:{y:0, onAutoKill:autoKillFired}, ease: Power2.easeInOut}); } return false; }); }); function autoKillFired() { alert("autoKill"); } Is there a way to fire the autoKill function when the user scrolls the mouse wheel or uses a mouse pad to scroll? Also I noticed that the autoKill function does not always fire when it should. For example if the user starts the scroll and then drags the scroll bar mid way through the animation, then it may or may not fire. Is this a known bug or is there a problem with my function? (This seems to occur for the browsers I have at my disposal. The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer . However when tested on codepen it seems to work all the time)