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  1. Hello! Before answering I wanted to do some further testing. The unexpected behavior was result of an old version of my code paired with Chrome Inspector but in a real scenario, the behavior is the one expected in mobile, both in Safari and Chrome. Now, this brings me to the second case scenario: There are two draggable instances, one for moving the parent container .sections horizontally, and another one to scroll each section vertically. When I leave out the second Draggable instance (of type "scrollTop", on each section), I can scroll vertically on the .section container but the Draggable instance on the parent container, .sections will not move horizontally. On desktop browsers the behavior is as intended, but in mobile here it is where I have some trouble getting the X axis to move. In Chrome on Android it doesn't move horizontally, and in Safari in iOS10, it moves horizontally one section, and then it gets stuck in that section. I updated the Codepen commenting out the second draggable instance so that you can see what I am talking about. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you both, Jack and Carl.
  2. Hi guys! I'm having a bit of trouble here with Draggable util. I am trying to make a tabbed interface on mobile, made of a horizontal container which can be scrolled in the X axis with sections, and sections which can have any number of posts, and can scroll in the Y axis. With draggable, this works great in desktop when using a mouse, but when on mobile (Android, iOS, or Chrome Inspector as mobile), the X axis won't budge. You can watch it in action in the codepen. Any insight on it would be greatly appreciated