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  1. Thank you! Exactly the advice I needed!
  2. Nothing but crickets over there in the FlashEff forums. I'm going to give this a try in my spare time and post my findings!
  3. Thanks Jack! I'll give them a try. Am kinda stoked to see this happen!
  4. Hi all, I recently completed a project where I had the challenge of trying to combine FlashEff effects (www.flasheff.com) and TweenLite tweens. It resulted in more than a few "hacks" using TimelineLite to sequence them the way I wanted. It got me thinking - I wonder if anyone has attempted to write custom classes to properly append FlashEff effects to a TimelineLite instance? Perhaps by extending TweenLite or TweenCore? Would it even be possible? - Gabe
  5. Thank you for your reply, Carl! Much appreciated. I'll keep looking around for a solution.
  6. Thanks Jack. Totally great explanations. Your classes become more useful by the day!
  7. Hi there, I'm very familiar with the tweening properties of the greensock package, but I've never used the motion path capabilities. I'm currently faced with developing a mini-game that allows a user to drag a sprite along pre-defined paths. The paths can be dynamically generated, but are more complicated than a simple arc, they are more like S-shapes. In addition, there are points where other paths intersect, so the sprite needs to smoothly jump onto another path when encountering these intersections, based on the vector of the mouse movement. So basically I'm wondering if this can be accomplished using the motion path capabilities of Greensock before I spend loads of time trying to develop it. If some generous soul can glance at this problem and give me and a quick yay or nay, I would be grateful. I've attached a sketch of what I mean. The red shape is dragged along the path towards the black squares.