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  1. Thanks! I will take time to read this! Have a nice day.
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering since i know GSAP can be use for ads... How that works exactly? Do we have some docs that explain how to use with AdWords? Do we have to use Animation CC or we can build our code in text editor and put it somewhere in AdWords? Thanks for taking time to read me!
  3. Oh, it's funny how simple it was! I almost use this ease all the time, so i forgot about it! Thanks for the answer @PointC! Have a nice day!
  4. Hello everyone, I use GSAP since a while now but i still wondering... I use scrollMagic to animate scrolling page and i do something like that : var scene = new ScrollMagic.Scene({ triggerElement: "#element", triggerHook: "onEnter", duration: "100%" }), sceneTl = new TimelineMax(); sceneTl.from("#element", 1, { y: 50, ease: Power4.easeInOut }); But... i don't understand why when i use this triggerHook, my animation always start later and finish too soon. On my 100%, it animation around 70-80% of it. Is thre a reason for that? Is there a way to really start my animation when it's trigger and finish at the end? Thanks for helping!