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  1. OSUblake thanks for this answer. Very complete.
  2. Thanks for your advices Jonathan, I've updated the codepen to be more focus on what I want to achieve. I hope it's more clear now. Can I order animations on each elements by using something else than .eq ?
  3. Hello Dipscom and Jonathan, Both of you thanks for your answers I'm sorry to haven't made my issue clear enough so let me start again. I'm currently working on a Cordova application using Crosswalk as webview (chromium based) for a Samsung galaxy view. I have to follow a guideline to animate it, all the animation are like this one, but it's the only wich cause me trouble actually. So the testing context is a bit hard to reproduce if you don't have the device. I'm making some try with the stagger actually, It's more readable and smoother. Any chance to use something like this on my svg arrays ?
  4. Hi there, I'm a bit new in using GSAP. Recently I have made an animation with high def images and svg shape morphing. I think i'm doing something wrong because this animation is really laggy when I use delays between each elements. If I play them together at the same time it's really smooth but it's not the effect I want. Any advice here ?