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  1. Thanks, that's pretty neat! I was running into the wall on this one.
  2. Sorry about the multiple posts I was googling around and had 20 tabs open. It seems more people run into this niggle.
  3. Any idea on a release date? I am currently using typescript with greensock, and this unformal way is resulting in some ugly workarounds. If _gsTransform already exists, why not simply make it accessible with TweenLite.get(x) ?
  4. I am trying to figure out how to do collision detection with greensock and the CSS plugin. My CSS elements all have "position: absolute" and they are moved across the screen setting their x and y positions with TweenLite. Normally you could use the DOM elements' position to calculate if their boundaries intersect, but how can you do this with css transforms? Thanks!
  5. Just wondering: why is this not in the documentation, and why is there no official "get()" method? It seems a bit hacky, and modern editors will show an error when you try to access _gsTransform on a htmlelement. Will better support for "get()" be added in the future?
  6. I am looking for a way to know the current position of a x,y tween. I am using the css plugin to move DOM elements around the screen. I'm not sure if I am overlooking something. I have searched the forums and documentation, and all I could find was the tip to hack a secretly hidden property of a tweened element: _gsTransform My question: is there no official way to get the x and y properties? Is this secret hack the only way? It seems a bit hacky to me, and it doesn't result in clean code. TweenLite.get() would be great! btw, this problem gets worse when you use typescript, since the typescript definition file does not include _gsTransform. In typescript, you will get this error when you try to read _gsTransform: let x = this.element._gsTransform.x // error: htmlElement has no property _gsTransform Of course, I can add _gsTransform manually, but that's even more hacky.