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  1. This answer was perfect, thanks @ZachSaucier!!!!
  2. Hey GreenSocks! Is there a possibility that autoAlpha variable with in gsap can be targeted in order to convert all the opacity/alpha used with in a document?
  3. This is very awesome thank you OSUblake!!!!
  4. Currently faced with a problem of not being able to find the center of the particles, when I scale I am not sure where the ctx.translate point is. In the function "pixelOverlay.prototype.draw" this is where the ctx.translate registration point is set but as I animate all the particles come from the far right when I am hoping to scale from the center and still animate x/y value. Thank for your time!!
  5. Hey GreenSock, Have a media spec sheet that is asking for the FPS to be 24, what is the default FPS and where can it be found in the Docs? Thanks!
  6. Hello GSAP, Looking for a way to return the actual ticks per second and display on the browser so I know when the animations are getting heavy. function addListeners () { TweenMax.ticker.useRAF(false); TweenMax.ticker.addEventListener("tick", handleTick); TweenMax.ticker.fps(60); } function handleTick(e){ fps.innerHTML = Math.round(TweenMax.ticker.FPS) + " fps"; }