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  1. Good info, thanks Jonathan. UPDATE: Here's the same pen using the Attr plugin - works in all browsers! Yay! http://codepen.io/kgrote/pen/mPxzZY
  2. Hey Jonathan! I was just about to post that I figured out the reason I was getting buggy behavior is because I was targeting the <clipPath> element with GSAP instead of the <path> element inside the <clipPath>. Works like a charm in Webkit & Edge, but obviously still not FF because of the above mentioned clipPath transform bug, which I can live with. Here's a codepen so you can see my handywork: http://codepen.io/kgrote/pen/VaXzXb
  3. I'm getting buggy behavior with clipPath transforms in Edge also. Specifically trying to use scale on a polygon clipPath, Edge can't seem to render the animation - the end position will suddenly appear if you click the SVG canvas. It doesn't seem to be exclusive to polygon, though, as I had the same experience with rectangle (rectangle actually gave me similarly buggy behavior in Chrome also). X and Y position transforms seem to work fine. All and all, support for transforming clipPath seems to be pretty crappy at the moment. UPDATE: Figured out the issue, see comment below.