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  1. Hi all, I am trying to create an animated banner to be viewed on mobile devices that starts off as a 300x100 then on click/tap expands to fill the full width and height of the device it is being viewed on. Could anyone please tell me if this is possible and also if possible any advice on how I could build a banner that does this? Many thanks in advance for any help. Regards Brett.
  2. Thanks Ohem, Yeah we serve our ad through Sizmek, Ill look at their templates. Many Thanks.
  3. Hi all. I am relatively new to building banners using Greensock, however in the past using Adobe edge & back when I used Flash, I was able to build expanding banner ads. So for example 300x100 that expanded to 300x250 and then closed back to 300x100. My question is this possible using Greensock to build a banner that would do the same, but depending on what device you were viewing the banner it would expand to fit the full screen? Thanks for any advice, Cheers Brett
  4. Hi all, I am totally new to GSAP, I have watched some tutorials & the webinar & thought I would share my first effort creating a banner ad. I have been using Adobe Edge Animate, but wanted to learn how to build using Greensock. Im not sure I set up my code in the most efficient way just yet, but I can produce a banner so thought I would share for all the other newbies out there. Cheers Brett... http://client.adtorque.com/clients/brett/2016/GSAP/templates/300x600-sale-test/index.html