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  1. Turns out it was the server I uploaded to, it animates fine on a different server, thanks for the help.
  2. Thank you, good to know for the future. I put it on CodePen to show my code, in the final file when I upload to a server the file doesn't animate. Does my code indicate anything that I did wrong? I'm uploading an HTML file to the server, is that the wrong way to do it? I went through all of the starter documents, I don't see where I went wrong.
  3. This is my first animation, this works fine locally but when I upload it to the server it doesn't animate and I can't figure out why. Any suggestions on what I did wrong?
  4. I'm new to GreenSock, I have 2 objects that have the same ID. I've added an opacity but it only fades in one of the objects, what am I doing wrong. I've searched a lot and can't find a solution. Here is my code, I have 2 headshots I want to fade in but only one headshot fades in, nothing happens to the other. window.onload = function(){ var headshot = document.getElementById("headshot"); TweenLite.to(headshot, 0, {autoAlpha:0}); TweenLite.to(headshot, 2, {autoAlpha:1, delay:2}); }