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  1. CraigWheatley's post in Issue with TimelineMax .pause() was marked as the answer   
    So in your code it only took a second to see you're running .Pause() and .Resume() on the click event of btn2.
    $('#btn2').click(function(){ Actions[iCurrAction].Pause(); }); $('#btn2').click(function(){ //alert('C'); Actions[iCurrAction].Resume(); }); Both of these run and so the animation pauses then immediately resumes.
    I'm assuming you want the resume to trigger on the click event of btn3, not btn2
    Changing the Resume event trigger to btn3 solved your issue and also made the resume button work
    $('#btn2').click(function(){ Actions[iCurrAction].Pause(); }); $('#btn3').click(function(){ // changed to #btn3 //alert('C'); Actions[iCurrAction].Resume(); });
  2. CraigWheatley's post in GSAP - autoAlpha or Opacity does not work for me.. was marked as the answer   
    Hi there, 
    The issue in your codepen is that TweenLite does not have CSS support without the CSS plugin. 
    TweenMax does have the CSS plugin bundled with it and so it works without adding the plugin separately.
    As you can see here 
    See the Pen yJvaYa by craigster1991 (@craigster1991) on CodePen
    I've simply added the CSS plugin to the pen and it works as expected.  
    You can read more about the CSS plugin here: https://greensock.com/CSSPlugin