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  1. nemmoj's post in WordPress, jQuery and TweenMax text animation workaround was marked as the answer   
    Hi everyone, 
    Thanks for your time and effort being spent here. Today I`ve solved this isse.
    The bone was burried in type of jQuery function, .replace()  method and  RegEx.
    Initially, in my playground I had this:
    var $demoText = $("#gsap-anim-text-1"); $demoText.html( $demoText.html().replace(/./g, "<span>$&</span>").replace(/\s/g, " ")); So my class="article-meta" (...WP core generated php text classified by my blog theme stylesheet, and predefined in content.php) was followed by manually added variable #id  ( id="gsap-anim-text-1" ). Thus my post excerpt (class="article-meta") was animated by TweenMax in an odd way with this function (with markup characters being visible, and belive me... that was not .css issue ) .
    As a solution, I've  changed jQuery function to :
    $demoText.each(function(){ $(this).html($(this).text().replace(/./g, "<span>$&</span>").replace(/\s/g, " ")); }); I think it lets RegEx  /./g  expression cooperate with jQuery's .replace() in a better way. 
    p.s. - jQuery v.1.12.2 was used in my WP 4.3.3 playground.
    p.p.s. - I've left the issue in my playground untouched, for everyone to see the issue (markup being visible during animation) and try this code as a solution. Worked for me.