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    GS with Ionic 2

    I would LOVE TO see an example, tutorial code on implementing GS with Ionic 2 / Angular 2!! The newest beta get rid of @Page and back to @Component to favor more Angular JS. But still, very confusing in trying to figure out ourselves how to integrate GS. GS and Ionic will be the best marriage tho for animation solution and I can not wait to learn how to do that!!
  2. I am following the iHateTomato course and try to modify something. I want the main timeline to stop at the end of all the stagger effect like so: .staggerFromTo($pixel, 1, {autoAlpha: 0, cycle: { scale: ['0.5', '2'] }}, {autoAlpha: 1, scale: '1', ease: Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}, 0.3, pauseProjects, [projectClass]) .add('pixelsIn') And the pauseProject function is function pauseProjects(projectClass){ console.log ("Main timeline pause!"); tlProjects.pause(); } It is throwing this error: TweenMax.min.js:16 Uncaught TypeError: b[a].apply is not a function And the console never log. What is wrong?!