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  1. Slightly strange issue, I'm using an embedded LoaderMax instance in an XML file to load different assets. All of this was working correctly when I tested offline, but once I put the files online, it's no longer working. The issue seems to be that the VideoLoader seems to want to load from the location where I placed my .SWF file and not from where I placed my .HTML file (one folder up from the .swf file) A screenshot using Charles debugger http://screencast.com/t/eYIdK69wF6 The audit seems to use the correct URL, but once it starts with the actual load, it starts looking in the /swf folder, rather than in the /pieter folder. Another oddity is that both the MP3Loader and ImageLoader don't have this problem. Any insight into the problem is greatly appreciated
  2. Heheh, I think I'll stick to just duplicating the rawContent and write my own code for the resize The use cases are fairly limited anyway. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hey, I've noticed the behavior as described in viewtopic.php?p=14724#p14724 and was wondering, what if you'd want to use the same rawContent (mainly for an ImageLoader) in several places...? Now, my first idea was to write a help class that just duplicates the rawContent, but then you lose the nice cropping functionalities the ContentDisplay offers, so I thought about adding a clone method to the ContentDisplay class, but since the rawContent doesn't necessarily have to be a bitmap (VideoLoader, SWFLoader), that won't work either. So my question; is there a way to add multiple instance of the same ContentDisplay to the stage?
  4. Huh. Very cool. I'll try that out. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I definitely like LoaderMax's replaceURLText() feature, and it seemed to do the trick, but I ran into an issue... Since I can't set the load attribute on the LoaderMax node to true, the progress of the nested LoaderMax nodes doesn't get integrated into the XMLLoader's overall progress. Any thoughts on how we could use replaceURLText, but still have integrateProgress work? I've been working through the documentation, but couldn't really find a solution so far. For now, I've fixed it by adding LoaderEvent.COMPLETE listeners to each of the nested LoaderMax nodes (and the main XMLLoader), setting a boolean when each of them loads and then checking if all flags have been set to true before proceeding.
  6. Hey Jack, Really love LoaderMax so far, but I too was wondering about this feature BulkLoader actually has a pretty interesting way of doing this. Here's some code I used on a previous project of mine: var substitutions:Object = new Object(); substitutions.base = _model.base; substitutions.language = _model.language; substitutions.stream = Constants.WOWZA_BASE + Constants.WOWZA_OUTPUT; var url:String = _model.base + ASSETS + "?" + RandomGenerator.generate(4); _loader = new LazyXMLLoader(url, "nav-siteloader", 5, 10); _loader.addEventListener("lazyComplete", lazyHandler); // listen for when the external definition finishes loading _loader.addEventListener(BulkLoader.COMPLETE, completeHandler); _loader.addEventListener(BulkLoader.PROGRESS, progressHandler); _loader.addEventListener(BulkLoader.ERROR, errorHandler); _loader.stringSubstitutions = substitutions; _loader.allowsAutoIDFromFileName = false; What I like about this approach is that you can provide as many substitutions as you wish and you don't have to worry about when you do those substitutions. (I gathered from your response that I need to wait until the XMLLoader has fired the INIT event, and that I can't have my LoaderMax node's load attribute set to 'true') Reasons why this would be useful: - loading files dependent on language parameters (config_en.xml, config_fr.xml) - no need to change the XML files when switching from development to live servers (only need to dynamically set the base - or whatever you want to call it - parameter to the site's base url once, through a flashvar or whichever way you prefer) But it's just a suggestion, for now I'm quite pleased with the prependURL feature. The XML file looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> content {base}xml/content_{language}.xml true 1 homeAnim {stream}static/Intro.flv true true 2000
  7. Thanks for the fast reply Jack I'm gonna try and see if I can come up with something that works.
  8. Hey all, I wanted to tween the text color of an input textfield, using the tint or ColorTransform plugins, but it seems that as soon as you set the border and background color of a textfield, you can't tween the text color anymore, but instead, it tweens the background color of the text field. Is there any way around this?