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  1. toofastdad's post in Text Plugins Using Adobe Animate was marked as the answer   
    I found out that this plugin only works on DOM objects so it will not work with Canvas.
  2. toofastdad's post in Spritesheet Adobe Animate CC 2017 was marked as the answer   
    ohem...Thanks for your response. I'd already seen the other discussion, however, I have been testing locally and was not seeing the images.
    I have now got it working, the error was in my custom html file, I was missing some code.
    Thank you very much for your help, it made me look a little closer at my work.
  3. toofastdad's post in PNG image not showing using Cory's Animate Template was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for pointing me away from the template! I was able to get everything working as expected, I have a few more tests to perform to ensure my sprites will work when I have multiple images in an ad, I may reach out if I have trouble with compliance with the various vendors — lots more work to do  
    Thanks again for your help.