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  1. Thanks for the informative reply, Carl! And while I'm at it, thanks for GreenSock! I'm loving it so far! Using your advice and a bit of experimentation, I was able to get this working great! You can see it here! It seems that ScrollMagic is smart enough to pause the animation and hijack it itself as soon as it gets it's grubby mitts on the tween object. :3 The relevant code was: var scene1 = new ScrollMagic.Scene({ triggerElement: "#parallax1" }); scene1.setTween(new TweenMax($("#parallax1"), 1, { backgroundPosition: "center 200px", ease: Linear.easeNone })); scene1.addTo(controller);
  2. I'm trying to create a parallax effect by animating the background y of an image. I'm planning on using ScrollMagic to manage the duration property and feed this object to it. I'm making a ```new TweenMax()``` however it's ignoring the ```immediateRender: false``` property and beginning its animation right away. var tween = new TweenMax($("#parallax1"), 1, { backgroundPosition: "0px 200px", ease: Linear.easeNone, immediateRender: false }); Can anyone tell me why this isn't working?