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  1. Carl - you are a STAR!!! I was so close but SO, so far!!! Thank you so much. This is perfect!!! I shall be forever in your debt. G
  2. Erm... Evidently I just don't get it! (updated) http://codepen.io/Grahamorriss/pen/MyJOvQ G
  3. Hi Jonathan Thanks so much for the reply. I had already tried adding liveSnap, but am obviously doing something wrong as it wouldn't do anything! I'll try again, in a bit, and add my code to my Codepen. Thanks again Graham
  4. Hi all I'm new to Greensock, and to Codepen. And kind of to Javascript as well. So please be gentle. I'm trying to create a vertical, draggable list that appears in an aperture, and will scroll depending on how fast it's dragged, and when it slows to a stop, it snaps the nearest list item to the middle of the aperture. I've added the Codepen to show how far I've got, but any further attempts at snap points have been discarded as they simply don't work. Can anyone advise me either how to go about this, or toward a resource that will guide me? Thank you. Graham