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  1. I am having an new issue with previously fully tested live banner ads made with GSAP that now are opening two blank tabs in FF and IE. I am thinking this is a DCM backend thing but I was wondering if anyone has found a fix or is having the same issue? DCM recommended changing clickTags to href="javascript:void(window.open(window.clickTag3))" instead of using the standard href="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag3)" and I am still getting the same problem. Any thoughts?
  2. I knew transform was probably part of the answer, there is a whole can of worms that I am trying to contain on this project. One being a sticky that jumps to the bottom of the iframe using javascript on mobile devices which I am learning is not an easy feat. I think my problem is that I am the lucky one trying to create a working solution/example. Your answer helps point me in the right direction. I got that far already! I am getting stuck with all of the special needs these ads require for compliance that are my big hurtles. But I will build what I can because I have to show them why something won't work and is a bad idea otherwise they will never let it go.
  3. I have been tasked with building essentially a micro site inside a banner ad. The expanding banner ad seems to be the solution to hold enough content for what I need but how does one tackle responsiveness inside an expandable or lightbox? I understand the functionality of how it works on desktop but what about mobile? Am I creating an UX nightmare like I often experience with expanding ads on mobile? To give you an idea of size, closed would be 1250x550 open would be 1250x3300 (giant I know, our worst case size). Do scroll bars and animations work the same in expanded size? I am a newbie when it Rich Media ads as far as what you can and can't do in them. Any thoughts or insights would be helpful for me to take to leadership since they are just big idea folks and not the ones doing the work. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the clarification, I obviously am a newb. I am just frustrated since I have management saying "it HAS to be built in studio". When I was in studio I was so confused on to how I was going to build anything in it. I have been swimming in the double click forums and when I think I have a grasp of what is going on I often get reminded that I don't. I did get studio certified and that helped but still not sure how to actually accomplish what is being asked of me. It doesn't help that I try and tell the people who want the project we don't need to build in studio I just need to add the appropriate api and upload and they keep telling me no, no, no this pilot needs to be built in studio. My understanding is that I am supposed to "build in studio" and the ads are still going to be served with DCM. We aren't doing rich media yet, but this is supposed to be the proof of concept before moving to that. But rich media is the goal, I get to be the bridge. I have no way to get out of studio since they are already sold on it. Thankfully the AdOps will not fall on my shoulders. That will fall on another department... at least as it stands now. Good to know about the enhanced metrics, probably why we are still planning on serving through DCM for now. As I said above rich media is the goal we are just trying to get proof of concept with out existing tactics before we move to full rich media. I think my whole team will need to be certified if we continue, and management for whatever likes the sound of that.
  5. I currently use GSAP to create banner ads that are served through DCM. As of late, the higher ups have asked me to build in studio so they can have all of the asset tracking metrics that can be applied in Studio. Their thinking is it HAS to be built in studio, but my understanding is that it just needs the correct APIs. I do really complex ads and the only way to get the functionality we need is to code using GSAP and not in a WYSIWYG. My thinking is to make the banner ads like we do using GSAP and then add the studio APIs or specific boiler plate code to the code to get the tracking metrics that they are looking for. Is there anything that I am overlooking by planning on doing it this way? Is there anyone who does ads this way currently? If so, are there any challenges I should be ready for? Any thoughts, pros or cons would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!