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  1. Amazing answer! This topic is for SEO purposes so anyone with a common question like this will be informed!
  2. So it is possible to do a Timeline syntax while using TweenMax?
  3. Hello there, I would like to know and clarify if the TimelineMax is already inside of TweenMax? I just created this topic so it will be useful for someone that wants to know if TimelineMax is included on TweenMax file. For any answer will be appreciated!
  4. Alright, I want a freelance job like this I miss this kind of work...
  5. Hello buddy! It should work! As per @Sahil said... you can use TweenMax alone with CSSRulePlugin....
  6. Anyway, you can follow @Jonathan suggestion...
  7. Hello @Stagnax Here's my solution... What I've done is I made an extra layer of black in the background of your rotating elements. div#black { background: black; position: absolute; height:100vh; width: 100vw; } and then add z-index to your row so it will be in the top of the whole show... div#row { z-index: 100; } and here's how I setup the whole show... window.onload = init; function init() { var canvas = document.getElementsByClassName('rot'); canvas.width=window.innerWidth; canvas.height=window.innerHeight; TweenMax.set("#black", {opacity: 0, onComplete: animation}); } function animation() { TweenMax.to("#row", 3, {rotation:-90, onComplete: revealBlackBG}); } function revealBlackBG() { TweenMax.to("#black", 1, {opacity: 1, ease:Linear.easeIn}); } I hide first the black layer and then after the animation done you eventually show it at the end... Let me know if it is really helpful...
  8. @Stagnax let me fork your work and I'll show you!
  9. What if... set first the default color of the background and tween it with black after the tween animation done. If you don't understand, what I mean is set it first as white background and don't set it on the css make it on the javascript. After the animation has been done then put a trigger to call the tween for the black background to appear. Doest it make sense?
  10. This is super awesome thanks for this software...
  11. I'm back here to contribute again... :)

  12. I would suggest to screen record the whole animation. After that the video convert it to gif. I would suggest some free GIF converter. https://ezgif.com/video-to-gif I am doing this when I am creating gif as a preview of my banner animation.
  13. This is super awesome work.... I like it... much help...
  14. Going back to GSAP Community.

  15. Hello I'm back! I am almost 2 years here on contributing to forum. I really love to help other users out there on using GreenSock Animation Platform. I shifted to WordPress a months ago. I would like to apply my knowledge in GSAP to WordPress to make awesome stunning websites. Alright!
  16. Alright! Very nice game you have developed with GSAP. I know the feeling creating game using GSAP. Here's my basic usage of GSAP with my little tank.
  17. Hi there, Carl is right! You can use onComplete to call another function or use it as your link opener. refer to my codepen just for you! Hope it helps! Thanks!
  18. Thanks man! I really appreciate your effort!
  19. Hello, I would like to know if we can create a retro game using GSAP? Is it really possible for beginners to create their own basic game using GSAP? Even without physics in the game just to control the character only. Or even control a snake in the snake game. Anyone tried to create a game using GSAP? Can you please share it?
  20. Based on my experience... my agency has a Laravel based staging tool which you can view the ads based on the sizes of different banners.
  21. This is crazy I love it .. thanks for sharing this stuff here in the forum! Waren | GSAP Enthusiast
  22. Hey there buddy... I am a little bit busy these days... but I am here again and I am seeing this new update from the forum... and this is a pretty cool feature, I am struggling to find my most helpful posts from this forum and now I am very happy to have this finally... thanks to all who suggest. Waren | GSAP Enthusiast
  23. Hey chrisgannon ! Its nice to see you around here! I saw your awesome and incredible works... Waren | GSAP Enthusiast
  24. Very cool bro! Thanks for sharing really helps!
  25. Hey there buddy and Welcome to GreenSock Forum! First of all buddy please could you please provide a quick codepen of your work? This will help us to explore your code and fix it by forking your codes.... Here's the link for creating your very own codepen! http://greensock.com/forums/topic/9002-read-this-first-how-to-create-a-codepen-demo/ Here's a video buddy! ==== I suggest try to loop some of repetitive lines on your code. Waren | GSAP Enthusiast