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  1. Understood and appreciate your help in solving the problem.
  2. I fixed 1 above, it was frameborder not border. Still looking for scaling code that will work for the majority of new browsers.
  3. I am almost there! I put this on my site and I have a couple of minor issues that need to be sorted out: 1. Post -> https://www.pgurus.com/two-half-years-still-no-justice-sunanda/ Issues: 1. I am explicitly specifying in my iframe no border and yet a border shows up on the left and top... <iframe width="696" height="1740" border="0" src="//pgurus.com/myJS/html/bmpsDissolving.html" scrolling="no"></iframe> 2. How do I scale my images? When I see the post on my iPhone, the image is cut off... Thanks in advance!
  4. Yes! Thank you very much for the prompt response!
  5. Great illustration of how to automatically run images... One question: I want to be able to fade each image in and out and tried using ease:Power1.easeInOut, in the code but it doesn't do anything - My JSFiddle link -> http://jsfiddle.net/perfG1/p7rn1nk4/1/
  6. Hi - My design is at - https://jsfiddle.net/perfG1/dpLgmh02/10/ I am trying to make my 300px X 250px design responsive by responding to a resize window request. The code I added is: var contentResizeTimer; function scale_content_on_window_resize(outer, inner, natural_width, natural_height) { /* Here we pass in an outer wrapper and an inner wrapper. Our content sits inside the inner wrapper. We then calculate the scale from the original height and width of the outer wrapper. At desktop the scale will be 1.0 but as the browser width decreases the scale will gradualy get smaller. The calculated scale then gets set on the inner wrapper and the height of the scaled element then gets set on the outer wrapper. This is to remove the borders around the scaled inner element. */ var outer_width = outer.width(); if (outer_width > natural_width) { outer_width = natural_width; } var theScale = outer_width / natural_width; // Calculate the actual slides height after its scaled. var processed_height = theScale * natural_height; TweenMax.to(outer, 0.2, { height: processed_height, // width: "inherit", width: outer_width, maxWidth: "100%", ease: Power4.easeOut }); TweenMax.set(inner, { autoAlpha: 1.0, transition: "all 0.2s ease", transformOrigin: "top center", scale: theScale, marginLeft: "0px", marginTop: "0px" }); } // end function scale_content_on_window_resize $(window).resize(function() { clearTimeout(contentResizeTimer); contentResizeTimer = setTimeout(function() { scale_content_on_window_resize($("#banner"), $(".slide"), $(window).width(), $(window).height()); }, 100); }); scale_content_on_window_resize($("#banner"), $(".slide"), 300, 250); To test this, I feed different values in the last line, e. g. 150, 125. This correctly sets the window but does not scale the animation itself. What could I be doing wrong? I am new to this and any help is greatly appreciated! Sree
  7. Some progress, finally! I used JSFiddle https://jsfiddle.net/perfG1/7mc57483/#&togetherjs=JMi3Ex9BKA to create a simple animation script. I can now embed this using JSFiddle to get this https://pgurus.com/test. What I would like to do is 1. Just display the 300x250px ad (not the window into which it is embedded in). How do I accomplish this? Thanks in advance! Sree
  8. Try this link, with my changes... https://jsfiddle.net/perfG1/saszahh2/#&togetherjs=HM9o0j28ru
  9. I am new to HTML5/ CSS/ Javascript programming... The intent of the code is to load animation only after the page has completely loaded. In addition, once the Animation completes execution, it should return control back to the browser. To address your observation above, I moved the LPBanner.js and other JS files to within the callback function that gets called when page load is completed but nothing happens... What am I doing wrong? My latest version of code is at the same link as shown above. Sree
  10. I derived this sample ad from Animation banner source and am running into a problem - 1. My CMS is WordPress and when I execute this script (https://jsfiddle.net/perfG1/saszahh2/#&togetherjs=HM9o0j28ru) it stops loading the page completely. Even after the animation stops, I cannot make the page load resume. 2. This is my first attempt at animation and I am sure there are glaring omissions in my code - Need your help in resolving it.