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  1. The problem is that while the IAB has updated their standards it doesn't mean that all sites that host ads have followed that recommendation, it is my understanding that a site administrator has to officially allow larger sized ads to be displayed on their site. Is this not the case?
  2. I don't want to use the CSS plug in because it's file size is too high. I'm trying to create banner ads under 40k. Ungziped file sizes: CSS plugin = 39k Tweenlite = 27k Easepack = 5k Attr = 867k I just want to animate in an image's opacity or have it come in from the top, bottom or sides (also open to any other options). If I could pull this off using Attr, I would be at 33k, which would leave approx 7 k for my image and probably a little more once I gzip. I basically just want to make a banner template that has one quick easy animation that I can use as a template.
  3. So will I not be able to animate an image with this attr, i see the svg works fine, but what if I wanted to animate a div with a background image, am I stuck having to use the CSS and not ATTR?
  4. Yup, I totally agree that I shouldn't be using tables, I coudn't get any animation working with the x/y coordinates using divs, tables was my last resort. Dev-Kp seems to have got it working so I must have missed something. Thanks for the quick replies.
  5. Thanks so much this appears to be working. Next I will use a codepen, sorry I am very new to greensock and didn't know that was an option.
  6. Stumped on this. I would like to use the attr plugin to do a simple animation for my banners, basically just have an image animate in from the side or top. This page makes it seem like I could use the attr plugin to animate the x, y coordinates of an element. I can get the heigh and width animation working as long as I use a table, but can't figure out how to get the x and y working. https://greensock.com/AttrPlugin My html and scripts are attached. Archive.zip