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  1. Just one more quick question..... Now that I have altered the pen to use your method of for each etc, how can I make the animation start from the last item in the list instead of the first? Thanks Matt Update: Think I worked it out by using .reverse() before the .each()
  2. Thanks for your help PointC, I think this is the approach I'll have to explore. Matt
  3. Hi all, I'm struggling to work out how I add a slight duration increase of each item in a staggerfromto animation. As each of these list items comes into view, I need to increase the duration it takes to settle into the final position so it gives the impression that the top item is slightly lighter in weight and therefore takes a bit longer to drift down. Hope that makes sense and any help would be really appreciated. https://codepen.io/mattdown247/pen/bgzVZN
  4. I'm struggling to work out how to get the border animation to loop perfectly on the following Codepen example: http://codepen.io/mattdown247/pen/mVKxBq It jumps when it reaches the top but I need it to loop smoothly. Any help would be really appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the help so far. Changing my code to this reworked version didn't solve the problem though. I ended up wrapping the tween code in a new function which then get called on page load and again inside an 'ajaxComplete'... so it ended up like: $(document).ajaxComplete(function(){ ... name of function that wrapped the tween code }); There is probably still a more efficient way of doing it though. I'm open to suggestions :\
  6. Hi all, Firstly, loving greensock as it's cutting down my animation dev time considerably and the amount of support on these forums is outstanding. Have run into my first problem with it though. My tweens are working fine on a hard page load (it's a woocommerce product archive page), but as soon as I start using the Ajax product filters, they stop working. Kinda expected I guess as the DOM is being restructured after the filters have worked. Here's the pen: http://codepen.io/mattdown247/pen/mVKxBq When you hover over the blue boxes, they just slide down to reveal a Div underneath Usually I can overcome this in jQuery by using the '.on' method such as: $(document).on('hover','*selector*',function(){ ..... other code in here }); ... But I can't work out how I can integrate a failsafe method like that into my GSAP code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Matt