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  1. nzbtorrent


    Hi, thanks for the help with this but I’m running into timing issues using timescale. I created a cut down version of my project http://codepen.io/anon/pen/xZrJxo I need to vary the duration/speed of the animation mid spin, this is actually done via imported csv file, I’ve represented this by the vary timescale button. The counter should update on each revolution, if I use timescale as you will see if you press the button to speed up or slow down over time the animation and counter falls out of sync. My question is how do I update the counter per full revolution and be able to vary the speed of revolution?
  2. nzbtorrent


    Morning all, hopefully this should be a simple for all you experts out there. I have a timeline with multiple tween instances as per the following tl.to('#spinner1', interval, {rotation: 360, ease:Power0.easeNone, onRepeat:completeHandler1, delay: 1, repeat: -1, repeatDelay: 0}, 0) it basically rotates a div containing an svg 360 degrees indefinitely. Here is my problem. The speed/duration of the first 360 degree spin is 120 seconds, but every minute I update the variable "interval" with a new speed/duration this time say 40 seconds. I need the spin to continue to 360 degrees but at the new duration/speed. This is then the new speed/duration for the continues spins until it gets updated again. As i say I have multiple tweens like this that will either speed up or slow down mid tween depending on these updated variables. Hoping someone can help on this. Thanks