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  1. Thanks PointC! My Javascript is still a bit basic, so I'll have to study that to see what's happening. But it works! Thanks very much. - David.
  2. Hi Shaun, That's great, thanks very much for that. I noticed though, on your pen, that if you repeatedly move your mouse over a div, the text has a tendency to get stuck in a semi opaque state. Does the same happen for you? Any ideas on how this could be avoided? Thanks again! David.
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to GSAP, but I'm really enjoying experimenting with it. A hurdle I have come up against is how to hover over a specific div, and have an animation play based on which div is hovered over. I do not want to have to write the animation for each div. I know the way to do this is to use the jQuery selector 'this', but I can't get it to work for a timeline. I can get it to work using TweenMax.to('') etc, but I want to be able to use play() and reverse(), and so need it to work with a timeline. Rather than me babbling on, it's probably best to just check the codepen. Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help!