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  1. Thanks Carl, I thought that was the case but I figured it didn't hurt to ask . Also appreciate the link to the morph plugin, I'm sure that will come in handy in the future.
  2. Hello, It appears that although the hambuger visibility is set to none, you are still tweening which adds that tween time to the total timeline duration: .to(".fa-bars", 0.5, { opacity: 1, rotation: "-180" }, "header+=1") Removing this tween from the timeline will make the timeline complete when "Contact" finishes animating in.
  3. Hello, I am trying to tween a shape that does the following: scales at its center point rotates around some external point moves the external point that it rotates around along a curved path To give a clearer picture of what I am trying to accomplish I have included a sample code pen demonstrating the animation requirements. The target shape is the red box where the line and blue box are there only as guides. I was hoping to find a way to tween the red box without having to wrap it in the positionDiv and rotationDiv divs used in the sample. Thanks for your help, Gerry
  4. Hey guys, thanks for investigating. In the codepen we are just moving the object around linearly, however the live code handles both linear and curved paths which is the part of the reason for using the bezier in this sample.
  5. Hello, I am receiving a set of data points that describe a path on which a shape should move. The issue is that when the first tween on the timeline doesn't change the objects position, the second tween on the timeline isn't executed. Any ideas about how to make this work without removing any points or changing the initial object position?