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  1. Thanks For All the help I found this on the forum its resolved my problems TweenLite.selector = jQuery;
  2. Hi Thanks for this Looked at the page you indicated Was very difficult to deconstruct the Php of the layout page which intern creates the index.php so i updated the file jquery.scrollorama.js to use the latest version of Tweenmax This does not seem to be the issue as the problem persists and to isolate the issue i have made a static page using jquery.scrollorama.js not Tweenmax and this is working perfectly so assume that there must be other js that are conflicting with Tween max http://metis.dns-systems.net/SVGtest4.html I then created a page with all the header deal from the Template and isolated the Js which is conflicting ="/media/system/js/mootools-core.js" type="text/javascript" http://metis.dns-systems.net/SVGtest5.html Is this resolvable should contact the vendor and see if the template can operate with out mootools
  3. Hi I Have Just started using Greenock my skills are very limited I have used your samples to create a an animation for a site i am developing in Joomla 3.4.8 It works perfectly as a standard html page but once i integrate this into Joomla it fails to work the JS seem to be connected and the css is all available Working HTML http://metis.dns-systems.net/SVGtest2.html Base template of Joomla not working http://metis.dns-systems.net Grateful for any pointers