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  1. no, i want dynamically add or remove player in simulation! for example add player from 00:10 to simulation and then when time equal 00:18 remove that player from simulation
  2. i could create nice timleline simulation with your helps! but another problem is: i want add or remove a player from json file, for example add a player from time 00:10 to 00:18 or remove player with jerseyNumber 19 from time 00:10 to 00:15. how can i do it?
  3. thank you so much! i can add time to json file like your example and it's not a problem! but in your example how can i add seek animation? tnx
  4. Hi, i have an json file that contain 22 second of soccer match that contains data of 11 Home Player and 11 Away Player and 3 Referee and a Ball frame by frame. for example: {"x":449,"y":358,"type":"H","jerseyNumber":"19"} ( type:H means Home)... what is the best way to simulate this soccer match with pause and resume button in greensock. sorry for my bad grammer