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  1. @Carl, thank you for answer. P.S. About markdown, I mean support markdown syntax on that forum. (like github issue)
  2. @Dipscom, thank you for the answer. My working animation will be more complex (include rounded corners, control point ect.) The question was more theoretical, why `left: 100%` in bezier values return strange result? - Because `left: 0` recalculate in `px` not `percentage`. (fork - http://codepen.io/olegatro/pen/YqrXBp) I think you are right, bezier path not good solution for my task. Offtop: Is there a way to use markdown editor ?
  3. The problem was with `left: 0`, need specify `left: 0%`
  4. Hi, sorry if my question not clever. Can I using bezier path (css left, top), set square path for my dot ? Or how can I do motion along square path another way (with on time duration)? The square should be responsive.