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  1. Good day to all, I have read the whole thread and this is really interesting. In my opinion everything that is code related is better done by hand, you have all the control over what is in there and what it is is not. You also have a really powerful bonus and it is to reutilize and edit faster for future jobs. You can also save a lot of snippets for the basic banner skeleton for a differnt partners once you have done it and you know its working. So the next one will be faster to create. So in example for Doubleclick i think a good workflow should be just to design and write the html/css code for the banner. Then add the API and the Enabler to test that all the basic events works and finally have fun creating the javascript file to animate it with gsap. I dont know if Adwords works the same way as Doubleclick. Thats just my 2cents.
  2. Hello guys, i am new here and learning and enjoying greensock more everyday I have to ask a simple question regarding the looping status for AdExchanges. I know that many publishers will limit the animation time to 15 seconds. So if i have a loopable animation i should control the loop state and when it gets to 15s just stay static. My question is if i have just a sequential animation that ends before 15 seconds and then stays static, do i have to implement a loop control too? In the case to control the loop, how could it be done with greensock? Thanks guys.