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  1. Awesome, thanks so much. I definitely don't want to reset an ease in the middle of a tween for the reasons you state. I'm only wanting to set it onComplete and onReverseComplete so that I get the bounce that I desire. I am using npm to pull in the GSAP library, is there a commit I can point to in my package.json? Or do I just need to wait until it's officially released to update my npm and use the above file as a workaround for now?
  2. Hi All, I have looked through this forum here, but I didn't quite see this discussed. I want to change the easing type between a play() and reverse() animation on a TweenMax. However, it seems to change the ease type only once, and all subsequent attempts to use updateTo seem to do nothing. I did find a really hacky way around the issue by adding tween._ease = tween.vars.ease; after the updateTo. You can see this in the CodePen by uncommenting line 4. That does not seem like the right way to actually do this. This feels like I'm just missing something simple, but I've looked at the docs and Googled around and I don't see where my error is.