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  1. Now everything is working When you plan to release?
  2. Yes I think this solved the issue with dragStart. There is also positioning problem. It can be reproduced in prev codepen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ZQGLXz 1. Drag element to the end of scroll 2. when you drop scroll is jumping up, than scroll up find element and try to drag it element is gone (its coordinates top is not calculated correctly)
  3. I think there is a small issue that needed to be fixed after this changes. So my problem with new version is that after disable() than enable(), onDragStart() is triggering. I have looked and debugged and found this: at the end of enable function there is an update call and in update we have this new lines for fixing my issue and it is causing this issue. if (self.autoScroll) { recordMaxScrolls(target.parentNode); checkAutoScrollBounds = true; render(); } after enable() render() is called. render function leads to setPointerPosition function and at the end there is if (!self.isDragging) { self.isDragging = true; _dispatchEvent(self, "dragstart", "onDragStart"); } So after enable(), _dispatchEvent(self, "dragstart", "onDragStart") this is called. This is harming my system because onDragStart I am changing some flags which are used in other places and like onDragStop is not triggering also so that flags are remaining. I don't know if this should be another topic, if so I can create. Thanks
  4. This has done a thing This version is not released yet? We are using bower and there is no update yet. But I have tested by replacing the bower js and everything worked. Thank you very much!!
  5. Yes that is exactly what we are searching for This will fix all our problems. So after changing heights we will call that method and all height will be recalculated. I have created codepen also to reproduce this. Thanks
  6. Hello We are creating drag and drop website creator called ucraft.me and we are using GreenSock draggable. Everything is working except one thing. Our system is working like this: We have different areas where we can drop new objects. When dragging(and holding) is starting (on dragStart) the system must generate additional height of the page, which adds more scroll to my browser. Now we should be able to drop the held element on the top of the screen as well as on the bottom of the screen. As my page height was changed before, the bottom area is more down and is unreachable for me during the holding process as GreenSock autoScroll is not letting me to get there. It seems that GreenSock doesn't know the new generated page height. Please help! Best, Ash.