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  1. Hi Blake, this indeed is a very clean solution. Would there be a way to transpose a set of any document coordinates to local ones, not only those produced by mouse clicks?
  2. Hi there, it must be something really simple but I can't find it in the docs: how does one get local coordinates of a specific point in an element after it has been transformed? For example, if user clicks on a div that has been rotated 45 degrees, how do I get the transformed coordinates of the mouse click in the div? Please have a look at this codepen: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/BoXpKB It works as this: Click on the top left corner of the box. Local coordinate values will appear in it. Rotate the box 90 degrees clockwise. Click the same corner, which should be top right now. The value presented appears to be not transformed. I would expect the the returned value to be similar to the one received in the step 3. Not getting the transformed value makes it difficult to insert elements into containers at a specific location. It is especially the case when one is working with a huge scrollable container with only a fraction of it area visible.