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  1. These are all so awesome! Thanks for sharing. I can share a couple. The ones I am most excited about (of course) have yet to hit market so are still secret. Raid Foaming Wasp Spray. Lots of art. File size was challenging. All the foam was created by manipulating one small replicated foam graphic which had different textures on each side. By changing size and rotating/flipping the one piece we were able to get a whole frame of foam for a very small file size hit. http://pfluffernutter.com/portfolio/banners/SCJohnson/raid/banners/300x250/index.html Spinning NFL/PEPSI cup for Buffalo Wild Wings Use of step ease to flip through spinning cup sprite sheet. http://pfluffernutter.com/portfolio/banners/BWW/Pepsi-BWW-NFL/banners/300x600/index.html Draino Animated hair clog No explanation needed LOL http://pfluffernutter.com/portfolio/banners/SCJohnson/draino/banners/300x250/index.html
  2. Need your object to begin at something other than 0/0 but don't have time for all that messy math? 1. Set image to 0,0 in css 2. Use .set() at the beginning of your timeline to set your beginning coordinates as in x,y format. 3. Animate away using x,y without maths! Note: Because your image is set at 0,0 initially, there will be a microsecond of a flash of the image at the 0,0 location. To avoid this I always start my image at 0,0 AND opacity 0. Then turn it back "on" in the initial .set() statement. like this .set(myimage, {x:25, y:25, opacity: 1})