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  1. Hi there, weighing in on the hand code vs. IDE tool for ad building with full disclosure that I work for Adcade. If you have the time and resources to learn hand coding and using multiple tools for QA, creative optimization etc, that may be the route for you. I sincerely applaud Scott’s effort to study Lynda developer courses, learn new tools for editing and more for QA… However, if you don’t have the patience for all that and need to turn around HTML5 ads fast, Epoch (goo.gl/DpaG3z) is your option for building cross-screen HTML5 animation ads. Learn one tool vs. 5-10, plus you can export to any of our integrated servers (Sizmek, Atlas, DoubleClick etc.) so you skip a step of having to work in their APIs in the backend. In response to Schoopie Doo’s original post… Epoch also comes with Lightspeed (http://goo.gl/67xZGK), a script for Photoshop that assigns animations on the Epoch timeline within Photoshop. You can essentially build your whole ad in Photoshop and export with layer comps automatically populating the timeline. We’d love your feedback on our tool. Give it a try for free or signup for a live demo. Reach out any time at jj@adcade.com if you have more questions. Thanks!