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  1. Hello Carl Thx for the reply The performance is great indeed! Just the way I am using it showed up as humongous GC spikes in adobe Scout. Some devices handle it, my galaxy tab10.2 choked and died. I did do a quick resculpt to something like a custom tween calculation but the tweenlite.to gave a far superior easing into the motions look and feel. Especially with rotating the background to the inverse of the player and with adjusting the virtual horizon (its a kind of 2d 3d ) when it lags behind a bit and settles into the end result is very smooth and natural. Am I correct to understand that if I use the dynamic props thing I can write 1 tweento that keeps updating to the new values? That would be awesome. Highest regards, Mac
  2. Ls, I'm not new to the greensock product but I previously only used it for animation sequences. Now, i'm trying to use it in a as3 script to control several background animation effects. The Display object attributes get updated almost every EnterFrame to give a continues feel. I'm changing mostely values like the rotation of objects and Y values. I used simple Tweenlite.to's wich works "really well"; on a desktop anyway. i.e.: TweenLite.to(globals.backgroundManager, .5, {rotation:-baseCirGrid.speed /2 * myPlayer.current_mode * Math.PI / 180}); TweenLite.to(this, .1, {rotation:(globals.myJoystick.JSrc.x * Math.PI / 4)}) On mobile, the garbage collection from all these tweenlites.to's makes it unusable (makes sense too) So... I tried making a timelinelite instance where I used .insert and/or .add's to the timeline (with and without using overwrite:"all"/"auto" and insert at 0 time) This has the effect that the tweened values don't update continues but only after the last call and happen only after no new changes are made (player stops moving for a sec) I'm sure there's a way to get the simple tweenlite.to call to work with a timeline but I haven't been able to get it to work. I'm not using the starling.juggler so just adding tweens to it is not usable for me. Please help. In short: I want to tween.to the , say rotation, of a sprite every frame(update) to reflect the x/y position on the screen relative to the screen center (just an example). But I dont want to create a new tweenlite.to instance every frame/reuse tweenlite's How do I accomplish that? Highest regards, Mac