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  1. Tweening the tween! Super clever, it works like charm.
  2. Hmm, that is a bit of a bummer. I'm aiming to achieve a drop like effect. Start from stand still, accelerate to a max velocity, complete stop when the end of the path is reached. For ease of understanding, imagine Candy Crush dropping candy. The path2D is working beautifully, but I can't get the right easing effect to mimic the gravity. Essentially it needs to accelerate to a constant speed and then stay level. Should I write a custom easing function instead?
  3. I found the problem! Stupid mistake, I forgot to add progress: 1, to the new statement. However, I'm currently encountering a new issue. Quite frequently the tween "over shoots". With the entities entities ending up beyond the prescribed path.
  4. Hey! I'm trying to get 2DPhysics and 2DPath plugins to work together. But when I run the code nothing moves. The code commented out is working, I just want to add the physics to it. var time:int; var length:Number; _moving = false; _animation = false; _path = new LinePath2D(getPoints()); length = _path.totalLength; if(!_time){ _time = length / _speed; } _path.addFollower(this.entity); //_activeTween = TweenLite.to(_path, _time, { // progress:1, // ease:Power0.easeOut, // onComplete: onComplete //}); _activeTween = TweenLite.to(_path, _time, {physics2D:{velocity:0, angle:90, acceleration:200, friction:0}, onComplete:onComplete});