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  1. the.bolmanator's post in Z-style underline as a focus indication in input fields was marked as the answer   
    Well, I have had to throw in the towel on this effort for now.  While I did 
    If someone figures out if/how a simple SVGdraw (see z-shaped underline) animation can be done in Angular2 I would be very keen to hear.  
    Till then I fear I am going to have to move on and leave out the animations for now.  Thanks for all the help.
    While it may not look like much, below is my final z-shaped sketchy underline.  I was pretty happy with it.  Ultimately I would like to control the SVG color and point locations via bindings and I expect the integration I am looking to achieve with Angular2 will need to wait for now.

    See the Pen JXJdJX by Bolmanator (@Bolmanator) on CodePen
    Again many thanks and best of luck till then,