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  1. Yeah I agree, there may be some room for improvement on their preview pages. It shows a still of the last bit of the banner and it will start playing when you mouse-over. Usually, I just download them and display them to clients on my own staging area.
  2. Hi there! I'm a freelancer from NL and I've been working with Bannerwise for a while (the website is in Dutch but they recently added English to the tool, if you click 'Probeer nu gratis', you can switch to English from there. That's free trial). This is the best sollution I've found so far and they've been making a lot of improvements. The good: - Supertiny embedded animation framework (1.2kb) - Automated image cropping and compression - Always correct metadata & clicktag per network - Easy conversion to other networks The bad: - Creative limitations* (no normal timeline and you can only animate IN, Highlight or OUT for example) - It's not free *They are quick to respond to feedback, I talked to them about more creative freedom and they said they're currently testing their 'move' tool which should give a bit more creative freedom and they said there is a normal timeline coming soon. They would like to integrate Greensock for this purpose. I was looking around on the forums here because they mentioned greensock For now, it's still easy to make good banners, it just requires a different approach then you may be used to. Without Bannerwise, I would have probably given up on making banners because it became too much of a hassle with other software. It might make someone's life here easier too. Some examples of banners I made: Domino's pizza Lotto Audi