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  1. Thanks a million Jack! I was racking my brain trying to figure this out. I think either way you mentioned above would be great to add as a convenience method. Thanks, Renard
  2. Thanks Carl. That was exactly the issue I was having! I tried to get it working but simply could not. Best Regards, Renard
  3. Just what I was looking for! Thank you Diaco!
  4. Greetings, I have a rich media banner project and I need to incorporate a timeline slider for one particular section. Can someone please point me to a code Pen that shows the creation and use of a slider using ONLY GSAP (tweenMax, Draggable,, etc.) I have found many examples but they all seem to use the jQuery Slider plugin. DoubleClick does not allow jQuery and personally, I want to learn how to do this without it anyway. Thank you.
  5. Good morning, any help from a GSAP guru is much appreciated.
  6. Greetings, I would really like to use this light weight slider but I cannot seem to decifer how to set it up. I spent some time on the GitHub page and downloaded the source but I cannot seem to recreate a simple slider with the files that are supplied. Any help is appreciated.