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  1. Hi Diaco, Can you proive me the link for the cycle tag that is being used. Thanks,
  2. Thank you Diaco and Jonathan It was very helpful.
  3. The skew values do not get calulated proplery using GSAP plugin. I am geting correct values using simple jquery animate doesnt alter the height of the element. How ever i feel that even though the height is not explicitly calculated, there seems to be height difference. Please check the codepen url for the same.
  4. Hi Diaco, I want the height of the div to get changed with roation. I have given the values in the js. The hieght values get set at the end to 50%. Its not getting gradully deacresed as I want. My goal is to reduce the hieght with roation angle. The effect should look like arrow is geeting realeased from the bow.
  5. I am trying to rotate the top and botton element from particluar rotation angle to 0 deg. While the elemnts are getting rotated i want the height of that elemnt to get adjusted accordingly. It must look like that the arrow is geeting shhot from the bow.