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  1. Hey Fly!  


    Damn, that did the job in validator...  I guess if it works on validator it should be fine for DFP.  Ill send them a test file.  


    @Jonathan, I've toyed around with you're suggestion but it just seemed the performance wasn't as good.  I will have to look into it more.  


    Thanks all!  ill keep you updated. 

  2. Hey Guys,


    I've created a bunch of ads which have SVG tags with DisplacementMap to give the illusion of moving 'northern lights'


    This has been fine for most adservers but apparently DFP don't support SVG tags.  The other workaround is to create background image steps, but i fear this will create quite a large ad.  


    I could create a video but im pretty much sure that won't be accepted.  GIF will also be to large. 


    Any ideas?  





  3. I did pass but, just a side not.  Even though i using the doubleclick hosted tweenmax im getting 


    'The creative calls a file hosted by a third party, which could be an issue if the third party cannot handle the high server load that display campaigns typically generate. To learn more about the referenced file and to confirm that the third-party server will be able to handle the load, contact the creative developer.

    More details:
    • Error EXTERNAL_FILE_REFERENCED found in index.html."


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  4. Hey all,


    I've managed to get a front facing realtime watch working perfectly with GSAP.  (used to to this all with flash)


    But now im faced with a new challenge.  


    I want to create the same thing but this time the watch handles are at 3D perspective.  


    Like this image




    Could i just use the same principle, but skew the the hands as they rotate around the centre?  


    Any ideas welcome!