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  1. You're absolutely right, Jack: it was an issue with my code triggering the FF bug. Apologies for hitting the panic button, and thanks again for your help with this.
  2. Sorry to be a nag, but I've implemented the new plugin, and now I get "NS_ERROR_FAILURE" in Firefox pointing to line 13 of the plugin. Any thoughts?
  3. Thank you all for your help with this issue. New plugin works beautifully!
  4. Hi Carl, Jonathan, et al., Any progress on this issue? Thanks.
  5. Hi Jonathan, I am using IE 11.0.9600.17914 on Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). I also emulate IE 10 through the F12 Developer Tools. One colleague has tested on IE 11.0.9600.18015 on Windows 7 Enterprise Edition (32-bit) and on Edge 20.10240.16384.0 on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition (64-bit). Another colleague has tested on IE 11.0.9600.18015 on Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). All of us see the same issue with the second codepen (http://codepen.io/anon/pen/PPWVbY).
  6. Hi Carl, thanks for your responses. I've tested your new codepen, and the issue is still there. The behavior is the same whether in the /codepen iframe or busted out in /debug. Are you not able to see the issue in IE? I've tested in IE10, 11, and Edge, and the bug is there in all three. I've not made any modifications to the plugin file I downloaded. I simply extracted it directly from the ZIP archive ("GreenSock-BusinessGreen-js.zip\GreenSock-BusinessGreen-js\src\minified\plugins - ZIP archive, unpacked size 1,348,076 bytes") to the directory I use. The file is minified, of course, but that was done on GreenSock's end. What I find odd is that the version for exclusive codepen use (//s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/s.cdpn.io/16327/DrawSVGPlugin.js?r=5) works beautifully, but the downloaded one, despite having the same version number, does not. Comparing the two, I see a difference where the code validates for codepen usage and redirects if not, naturally, but I also see other differences throughout the code. Clearly, despite the identical version number, these are not both version 0.0.6, and I think therein lies the problem. Thanks.
  7. I think perhaps you didn't see both my pens. The first pen (http://codepen.io/anon/pen/epgQQw) works perfectly in all tested browsers. It uses the special codepen version of the plugin. The second pen (http://codepen.io/anon/pen/PPWVbY) does not work in IE, whether in an iframe or not. It uses the version of the plugin I downloaded when I purchased membership.
  8. Thank you both for your help! I persuaded my boss to pay for membership so that I could use the plugin. I installed it, ran my script, and... ...the same issue is occurring!!! I set up a new codepen to illustrate the problem (http://codepen.io/anon/pen/epgQQw), but my simulated test works perfectly there. The only differences between my actual project and the codepen is that I measure real speed values instead of generating them randomly. Aside from branding and a P tag to hold the speed value, the UI is identical. There is no other SVG, animated or otherwise, on the page. So, I suspect the plugin script. Although both the codepen version of the plugin and the one I download claim to be version 0.0.6, there seem to be differences between the two scripts (besides where it checks for use in a codepen). So, I set up yet another codepen, using the plugin script I downloaded when I paid for membership (http://codepen.io/anon/pen/PPWVbY): The bug is back! How can I get a bug-free version of the plugin? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your response. So, are you saying that the only way to solve this problem with GSAP is to pay for membership in order to access the plugin?
  10. Hi all, I need to create a speed gauge with SVG animation. I began by using VelocityJS, but when I tested in IE I realised that IE ignores `transform-origin` so that the needle on the gauge would not rotate correctly. I've been exploring alternatives and discovered that both SnapSVG and GSAP are better suited to my needs. However, they both suffer another problem in IE. In addition to the gauge's needle rotating, I need an arc around the gauge face to follow the path of the needle. (See my CodePen for clarification.) I animate `stroke-dashoffset` to create this effect. It works beautifully in FF and Chrome. However, in IE10/11 it seems to draw some other shape. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.